Mr Bill Bouwer with the 10th "Only timed pigeon on the day" in TRPF history

It does not happen very often and it has only happened 9 times in the history of the TRPF. What are we talking about? It can only be that exceptionally rare achievement of timing before midnight the only pigeon home on the day. Well the TRPF was blessed by the 10th occurrence of this exclusive event in the second Cookhouse race on Saturday 5 September 2015 by one of the nicest and dedicated pigeon fanciers in the Southern Suburbs Homing Society by Mr Bill Bouwer.

Bill has been flying pigeons for 57 years.

Bill's blue checker hen ZA 13 TRPF 17693 was timed at 20h02 having been liberated at 7h30 that morning. The pigeon is of a Rhyn Cloeck, Tom Locke, Twilight and Ivan Yeo strain.

Just to give you an idea of how rare this feat is, the last time a pigeon was timed as the only pigeon home on the day was 21 years ago and since then the TRPF have flown 3.352 million pigeons in subsequent races.

Mr Bill Bouwer we look forward to entering you and your great pigeon into the TRPF PAGE OF HONOUR