The Chairman and Council of the TRPF want to acknowledge the Federation and Club in our very competitive Pigeon Racing Organisation. Hover over the photo to get the details.

Spike Aucamp Fed Winner of Winburg 1
Harry Willson Clan Fed Winner Winburg 3
Pedro & van Heerden Fed Winner Bloemfontein 1
Pedro & van Heerden Fed wWnner Winburg 4
Tony Gatonby Ruddersburg 1 Fed Winner
Highlander Lofts Double Fed Winner
Charles Kerekes NWPC Winner Winburg 3
Eddie Renda HPC Winner Winburg 1 and Bloemfontein 1
Charles Kerekes NWPC Winner Bloemfontein 1
Charles Kerekes NWPC Winner Bloemfontein 2
Conradie and van Tonder with HPC double winner ZA 15 TRPF 2377
Truflight de Villiers FHS Winner Bloemfontein 1
Steven Fouche NWPC Ruddersburg 2 winner
Spike Aucamp SSHS double winner Winburg 2 and Bloemfontein 2
Spike Aucamp SSHS Bloemfontein 1 winner