TRPF - 2016 Fee Structure

Fee Description

10 Bird Limit

15 Bird Limit

20 Bird Limit

Admin Fees R275.00 R275.00 R275.00
TRPF Subs R70.00 R70.00 R70.00
SANPO Subs R50.00 R50.00 R50.00
TRPF Pontoon R37.00 R37.00 R37.00
Division Pontoon R37.00 R37.00 R37.00
Winners Kitty R74.00 R74.00 R74.00
Single Baby Nomination R200.00 R200.00 R200.00
Knockout R37.00 R37.00 R37.00
Convoy R120.00 R120.00 R120.00
Transport Fee R1650.00 R2570.00 R4480.00
TOTALS R2550.00 R3470.00 R5380.00
Payable *05/05/2015 R850.00 R1170.00 R1880.00
Payable 13/06/2015 R850.00 R1150.00 R1750.00
Payable 18/07/2015 R850.00 R1150.00 R1750.00
TOTALS R2550.00 R3470.00 R5380.00


*1 Not refundable.

*1. 1 Penalty of R250.00 on every late payment after 5th May 2016.

Only Fanciers flying in the 20 bird scheme may elect to fly more than one team, provided the extra teams are entered in the 20 bird and 15 bird scheme. Members flying three or more teams must enter at least two teams in the 20 bird scheme. No extra teams to be entered in the 10 bird scheme. This rule is also applicable to one or more flying in the same or diferent clubs to the same stand/lot.

Novices racing for the first time in their lives may elect to fly up to and including the week of the Derby at a cost of R1500.00 (10 bird limit), R1950.00 (15 bird limit) or R2850.00 (20 bird limit).


R200 RINGS to be paid Winburg - 04 June 2016
R100 DERBY RINGS to be paid Bloemfontein - 02 July 2016
BABY SALE AND SPECIAL RINGS to be paid Aliwal North - 30 July 2016




The TRPF Fees make provision for one baby to be nominated (2015 ring issue) on the night of basketing for the Baby Nomination Race (Jamestown - 1 August 2015). A further four yearlings may be nominated at R200.00 per bird on the night of basketing for the Baby Nomination Race provided they are paid for on the first night of basketing Winburg - 30 May 2015