TRPF - 2016 Training Program

Baskets may be booked by your Club Secretary before the 8th April 2016 for the season at R1700.00 per basket payable on booking. Baskets are not transferable. However baskets may be purchased and shared by two members. If baskets are not used for the members birds, they will revert back to the control of the Federation. NB. Casual baskets, if available may be purchased at the various pick up points at R100.00 per basket for Kroonstad and Ventersburg at R80.00 per basket for Koppies and at R60.00 per basket for Truckstop.

There will be four (4) pick up points for all training tosses:

1. Edenvale: 18h00 to 18h45

2. Randburg: 19h25 to 19h45

3. Florida: 20h10 to 20h35

4. Eland: 21h00 to 22h00


Basketing Date

Liberation Date

Liberation Point

09/05/2016 10/05/2016 Truckstop
11/05/2016 12/05/2016 Truckstop
13/05/2016 14/05/2016 Koppies
16/05/2016 17/05/2016 Koppies
18/05/2016 19/05/2016 Truckstop
20/05/2016 21/05/2016 Kroonstad
23/05/2016 24/05/2016 Koppies
25/05/2016 26/05/2016 Truckstop
27/05/2016 28/05/2016 Ventersburg
30/05/2016 31/05/2016 Koppies
02/06/2016 03/06/2016 Kroonstad


After racing commences, the truck will operate from Koppies, basketing Monday evenings, from Truckstop, basketing Wednesday evenings and from Kroonstad, basketing Thursday evenings (liberation Friday morning) for the first six weeks of racing up until 07 July 2016. Thereafter from 11 July 2016 training tosses will be from Truckstop, basketing Monday evenings and Kroonstad, basketing Friday evenings. The last toss will be on Monday 26 September 2016. All liberations up until 01 August (sunrise 06h48) will be at 07h15 thereafter 07h00 weather permitting.